Our Vision

Our Identitiy and Mission - Who We Are. 

The Institute of Logotherapy Salzburg is an independent, private, educational institution founded in 2001 by Christoph Schlick. The Institute is dedicated to education, research, and counseling, and offers courses, seminars, and meetings related to logotherapy and existential analysis. Our teaching, research, and counseling activities are carried out in the spirit of the Viennese medical doctor and philosopher Prof. DDr. mult. Viktor E. Frankl (1905-1997), always keeping in mind the specific view of the human being he advocated.

As an officially recognized Austrian professional training institution, the institute is also committed voluntarily to the "ethical directives of the professional code for psychotherapists," as published by the Austrian Ministry of Health. The Salzburg Institute of Logotherapy is accredited with the Viktor Frank Institute Vienna.

Our target audience - Who we want to address

Our educational activities are aimed at people, who are searching for meaning and values in their lives and are willing to engage with ethical and social questions. They are also meant for those, who work with people and want to enrich their training with courses in logotherapy and existential analysis. We are also there for those, who already have followed training in logotherapy and wish to deepen their knowledge. We offer programs for those, who want to qualify for the Austrian professional degree of Certified Life Coach (with emphasis on Logotherapy and existential analysis; regulated by the Austrian Law of Psychotherapy). We regularly offer scientific seminars and lectures about the image of man and the body of thought specific to logotherapy and existential analysis, and about its further developments. 


Goals of the Institute - Our objectives

We fulfill our educational mission by offering lectures, seminars, training courses, certified courses of study, and symposia, as well as by facilitating counseling, therapy, coaching, and mediation (on a one-to-one basis or in groups). With our activities, we want to create spaces for meaningful encounter, development, exchange, research, and studies. We are keen on strengthening the responsibility of all parties and the individual skills of self-determination and self-care. Thus we create spaces for social learning and communal experiences. 

The policy of our institute is value-oriented, social, mindful of the environment, and devoted to a holistic view of life. We adhere to it to the degree that we work with energy- and resource-saving technologies and use organic, regional, and fair-trade-products in our teaching environment. 


Factors of quality - Our strengths

We offer adult education through competent and high-quality teaching in small groups. Because of their ongoing commitment to learning, our teachers always keep up to date. They are convinced of our vision and take time for the individual needs of every student. Because of the personal attention and the high degree of flexibility, each student can has the opportunity to learn with a tailor-made study plan. We are happy to help with organizational challenges, offer continuously updated study scripts and materials, and inform our students about relevant events both within and outside of our Institute. Through aptitude tests and introductory programs, we create the necessary foundations.
We also offer the possibility for try-outs: guest students are given the opportunity to participate in course meetings to decide if they are suitable for them.
In case of financial problems, we can offer, under certain circumstances, special payment conditions.
To safeguard all these qualities, we check them annually during a mandatory team retreat and monthly in team meetings, where staff, associates, and directors of our partner institutes are obliged to attend, and our independent associates and lecturers are invited, as well. With our comprehensive quality and sustainability management, we continuously want to improve and develop the institute further. 


How do we work? 

It is essential to us that we work with a qualified and motivated team. We feel especially indebted to the principle of open dialogue, both internally and towards the outside. We work in partnership with our employees and cultivate fair and secure work relationships. Encountering each other respectfully is important to us, both internally and towards the outside. The satisfaction of our clients and students is a serious concern for us. We meet all people with prudence and appreciation.


July 2017


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Upcoming courses

Selbsterfahrungsgruppe - Imaginative Logotherapie

28.01.2022, 18:00
Location: SinnZENTRUM - Salzburg

Kurz-Supervision Online

02.02.2022, 10:00
Location: Online - ZOOM Raum

Selbsterfahrungsgruppe - Imaginative Logotherapie

04.02.2022, 18:00
Location: SinnZENTRUM - Salzburg

Infoabend Lehrgang Logotherapie & Kurzausbildungen

09.02.2022, 18:30
Location: SinnZENTRUM - Salzburg


11.02.2022, 14:00
Location: SinnZENTRUM - Salzburg