Counseling - Coaching

Logotherapeutic counseling or coaching aims at supporting people who, for whatever reason, have lost meaning, are looking for a reorientation or are filled with fear, oppressed by suffering, are at a loss in difficult situations of their lives, or are in need of help for any reason, to help them to rediscover their very personal and individual path.
Our counseling works with listening, empathizing, and cooperation in the search of a way leading out of the dilemma.

The human being with all his very personal concerns is always at the center. Logotherapy is always resource- and solution-oriented and tries to discover the free spaces and potentials that are always there despite various blockades. Thus the person can be lead back to a value- and meaning-oriented autonomous life.

As a supporting method, approaches using imaginative methods - especially Imaginative Logotherapy and Existential Analysis as we have developed it at our Institute - can be used. This facilitates a profound access to often subconscious triggers of crises, but also to potentials for development and healing

We also offer a form of coaching that we call "Advice through Experience." We created this method from our experience and insight that people, who have themselves overcome a disease, have a chronic condition, or live with a handicap, often are better able to understand, counsel, and support people with similar problems.
The application of Logotherapy combined with the personal experience of the counselor in any given range of subjects facilitates the optimal assistance for the person affected.

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Upcoming courses

Kurz-Supervision Online

25.07.2024, 16:00
Location: Online - ZOOM Raum

Diplom-Lehrgang in Logotherapie und Existenzanalyse Kurs W, 1. Semester

31.08.2024, 09:00
Location: SinnZENTRUM - Salzburg

Logotherapeutische Lese- und Diskussionsgruppe

13.09.2024, 16:30
Location: SinnZENTRUM - Salzburg

Diplom-Lehrgang in Logotherapie und Existenzanalyse Kurs U, 5. Semester

14.09.2024, 09:00
Location: SinnZENTRUM - Salzburg

Philosophische Gesprächsrunde

19.09.2024, 18:00
Location: SinnZENTRUM - Salzburg