Logotherapy and Existential Analysis - Life and Social Coaching





Our five-semester course is a state-certified continuous education program that can be completed in 5 semesters alongside professional commitments. The participants study the philosophical and psychological foundations, as well as the methods of logotherapy for counseling, mentoring, and therapy, and learn to apply them. The course provides trainees with a high competence and concrete ways for action and access in dealing and working with people.

As long as they fulfill the necessary practical requirements for the national diploma, students can apply for an Austrian national license for Life and Social Coaching (Psychological Counseling).

However, it is also possible to follow the course for personal development or as an additional professional qualification and graduate with a diploma conferred by our Institute for Logotherapy.





Imaginative Logotherapy and Existential Analysis

This two-semester course is a supplemental training introducing imaginative methods - i.e. the work with inner pictures - for use in counselling or therapy. Through the access to inner pictures trainees gain a better knowledge and deeper understanding of themselves and others. Imaginative logotherapy facilitates a more profound therapeutic dialogue and is a supplemental healing method of Logotherapy. 

Prerequisite for this training is a relevant professional qualification for the work with people (medical doctor, psychotherapist, psychological coach, minister, etc.).

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