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The eternally valid longing for perceiving and feeling meaning in our lives needs up-to-date answers for today. Be i t an individual, a small community, or a bigger group, all can gain from the impulses of Logotherapy, give their lives a new orientation, and find meaning.

In September 2018, the Institute for Logotherapy and Existential Analysis Salzburg is for the first time offering an intensive 10-day introductory course in English in its current interpretation of Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy and Existential Analysis.
To facilitate the participation of an international audience, the lectures, colloquia and workshops will be held in English.

Together with you, we want to come to a new understanding of Frankl’s approaches in their contemporary relevance and introduce you to our concepts, our interpretations, and our methodological approaches. At the center will be the method of Imaginative Logotherapy and Existential Analysis as practiced at our institute.

In the world-renowned, historic city of Salzburg – and for two days in Frankl's hometown Vienna – we will deal in depth with the central themes of Logotherapy, and it’s up-to-date relevance.

The course is open to all people who feel the longing for meaning, are interested in Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy, or just want to get to know our work. A professional of voluntary background in therapy and counseling is not required but will be helpful. 


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13.03.2021, 09:00
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